WSB-TV 2 and Cox Radio studios

WSB-TV 2 and Cox Radio studios

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This huge building, at 1601 W. Peachtree St., is home to the Cox stations in Cox's home market, Atlanta. In addition to the Journal-Constitution newspaper and cable TV interests, the Cox family also owns the top-rated TV station in town, WSB-TV. Cox Radio owns a cluster of four stations in town: WSB 750, WSB-FM 98.5, Athens-licensed WBTS 95.5, and WALR 104.1 in La Grange. Because Cox Radio and Cox Enterprises are legally separate companies, the TV and radio operations are compartmentalized, which each medium having its own floors of the building. (The Cox family only controls about 60% of Cox Radio.)

This lot was once home to a much smaller building, known locally as ``White Columns'' after its most noted architectural feature. The new building was literally constructed around the old building. White Columns was completely demolished once all operations had moved into the new structure, but the original columns themselves were saved and now ornament a courtyard on the opposite side of the building.

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