WHOM aux antenna

WHOM aux antenna

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The building in center frame is the Yankee Power House building, originally built by Shepard to house the generator for W1XER. At the time of the photograph, it housed transceivers for the numerous microwave relays seen at left, and public-safety communications. The Yankee Power House was destroyed in a massive fire (which started in the adjoining WMTW building) in February, 2003.

After WMTW came to the mountain, power generation was moved to the WMTW building, at right. (The generator was on the lower level of the building, on the other side from our camera position. The generator burned kerosene, not diesel oil, which had to be trucked up to tanks every six months. The tanks are about 250 feet down the mountain from here, and I do not have pictures of them.)

The three-bay antenna in the red radomes is the backup antenna for WHOM 94.9; WHOM's main antenna is mounted on the other side of the taller mast.

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Copyright 2002, Garrett A. Wollman. All rights reserved. Photograph taken 2002-06-29.