WHHB (99.9 Holliston) tower

WHHB tower

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We go from a Connecticut high school station to one of a gaggle of eastern Massachusetts high school stations: WHHB (99.9 Holliston). WHHB is one of the rare few high school stations which have transmitter facilities separate from the school grounds (the only other one in Mass. that I can think of is WYAJ in nearby Sudbury). WHHB moved here when it got bumped (as class D stations do) from its old frequency of 91.7. While parking to take this picture, I was listenting to WQRC (99.9 Barnstable), a good 80 miles distant. (Obviously, WHHB was off the air.)

The next photo shows the actual antenna better.

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Copyright 2003, Garrett Wollman. All rights reserved. Photograph taken 2003-05-10.