WLTL 88.1 La Grange

WLTL 88.1 La Grange

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As Friday dawned rainy, I went looking for the Elgin stations. I never found WEPS (88.9), although it was on the air and dutifully airchecked. (In fact, it was on the air earlier than its published sign-on time of 9:30, with rather odd non-student-oriented programming and a rather sleepy-sounding announcer.) I took a bad photo of WRMN (1410), not shown here, and some more bad pictures of the Aurora stations. (I did not stop by the St. Charles station because I was unable to find out where it was operating from after losing its transmitter site.)

I breezed past WHSD in Hinsdale, photographed on an earlier occasion and inexplicably not on the air anyway, and made my way to Cossitt St. in La Grange, where I found Lyons Township H.S. and WLTL (88.1 La Grange). WLTL was also not on the air, although it signed on shortly after I left. Of course it's another directional 100-watt micro-A.

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