Back of WTIC/WFSB bldg.

Back of WTIC/WFSB bldg.

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The back side of the WTIC transmitter building looks a bit less like a schoolhouse and a bit more like a transmitter building—not too many Federal-period schoolhouses with electrical substations. The safety fencing at left surrounds the WFSB tower. The ladder tray coming off the front of the building, at far right, leads to the FM tower.

Jeff notes that the facility has two independent electrical feeds and the appropriate gear to switch between them as needed. The whole high-voltage system was rebuilt recently to improve reliability.

It's not just the roof that's made of copper, by the way: Jeff tells us that the whole building is copper-clad—even the brickwork has a woven copper shield behind it.

Copyright 2005, Garrett Wollman. All rights reserved. Photograph taken 2005-06-10.