KPNZ studios

KPNZ studios

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These are the studios of KPNZ (24 Ogden), at 150 N. Wright Brothers Dr., suite 520. (You can see the logo in the window at far right.) The station was first granted a construction permit in 1997 and was licensed in 1999, so it did not receive a transitional digital channel and will have to “flash cut” from analog to digital on February 18, 2009.

KPNZ was started by a company called Utah Communications, LLC. Utah Communications was controlled 50-50 by Arthur Kralowec (on behalf of a family trust) and Lawrence Rogow. In 2006, Liberman Broadcasting, which owns a large number of broadcast properties in California and Texas, offer $10 million to buy the station, but Kralowec and Rogow could not come to agreement on whether to accept the offer. Kralowec wanted to sell the station, and eventually prevailed in arbitration. (Rogow didn't end up out of the television business altogether—he owns 50% of Venture Technologies Group, which owns a large number of LPTVs around the country.)

The sale of KPNZ to Liberman was finally consummated in December, 2007.

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