Transmitter row

Transmitter row

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Sadly, it will never be possible to get a good picture of these transmitters. However, Grady graciously set up a ladder so I could take this shot from ten feet up, looking down at them.

On the left-hand side is WUNR's antenna controller, HD signal generator, and phasor (smaller than the other two since WUNR will remain a DA-1 operation). On the right are the three transmitters: at the far end is the BE 4MX-50 transmitter for WKOX (even without the label, you can tell it's WKOX's by the Clear Channel property tag!), next to its antenna controller and signal generator; in the middle is WRCA; and closest to me is WUNR. (Both 1330 and 1600 have BE 4MX-25s.)

(Grady, by the way, is a big fan of BE transmitters. He also engineers Alex Langer's WBIX (1060 Natick), which was a test site for the 4MX-50, and he worked the BE booth at the 2006 NAB show where the 4MX-25 was introduced. He told me then that this project would not have been possible but for the compact footprint of the BE transmitters.)

Copyright 2007, Garrett Wollman. All rights reserved. Photograph taken 2007-12-30.