KLTX towers

KLTX towers

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At 6419 E. Alondra Boulevard, near the Long Beach Freeway (I-710), we find the three-tower array of KLTX (1390 Long Beach). This facility was upgraded in 1988, giving KLTX a 5-kW day signal from all three towers; the night signal is now 3.6 kW from the two painted towers. All three towers are different heights. One of the oldest stations in California, the station was for many years owned by the John Brown School of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, under the callsign KGER. It was later sold to Salem Media, and now belongs to Hi-Favor Broadcasting, operators of the Spanish-language religious network “Radio Nueva Vida”.

If I can reconstruct what the setup was like before 1988, I suspect that the facilities were 1 kW-U (or maybe 2.5 kW-U), DA-N. (The FCC records are clear that the 1988 change involved a switch from ND-D to DA-D.) The two painted towers (or earlier towers located in approximately the same places) were used for night service. (It was not uncommon to build a two-tower directional setup like that, with the day tower being much taller—and thus more efficient—than the other.)

The towers are located on a light-industrial parcel in Paramount which abuts the Compton Par 3 Golf Course (shouldn't that be the Par 27 Golf Course?) and Dominguez High School.

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